Chris Doehner | 701 - Great Chinese Take-out Restaurant - OFF MARKET


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Great Chinese Take-out Restaurant - OFF MARKET

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701 - Great Chinese Take-out Restaurant - OFF MARKET

This nice takeout/delivery restaurant is currently serving Chinese Food, but the menu can easily be changed to any other type of food. The large commercial kitchen with a walk-in cooler is perfect to serve a variety of dishes. This business benefits from internet ordering, repeat customers from nearby businesses and walk-in traffic. This restaurant is ideal for a family or partner operation, currently, it has 2 FT staff.

Business Information

Average Estimated Sales:  $350-400/day
Size in sq. ft.: 
No. of Seats: Take out
Number of parking stalls: 35
Financing: Free and clear
Style of cuisine: Chinese
Customer Demographics: Repeat, families, professionals
Type of service: Take Out
Current hours of operation: 3 pm - 11 pm
Number of employees: 2 FT

Leasing information:

Lease Term: 4 yrs, 3.5 remaining on the lease. Owners believe lease can easily be renewed.
Deposit held by Lessor: First/Last
Lease Cost: approx $1800/month (includes CAM and natural gas for the kitchen) 

Please contact Chris for any questions or to set up a showing.